1xbet Zambia review

Zambia was a little known Southern African nation not on the radar of major bookies. Despite having a very active gambling community, it took recent repeals the gambling sector laws of the nation that opened the way for major bookies to set up shop in the nation.

1xbet is one such brand. Now fully licensed and operating in Zambia, 1xbet has been growing in leaps and bounds over the last several years. No punter can resist their large promotions and bonuses which they are well reputed for. Like most African markets, sports betting is very popular but casino lovers are not completely absent. 1xbet is among many bookies who provide both but their incredible track record makes them more appealing.

Despite originating in Russia, the organization moved its operations headquarters to Cyprus owing to better tax incentives and business environment. Being an international brand does not exempt it from the scrutiny of the local government as they are monitored and regulated by the local Zambian government. Local punters can rest assured of the safety of their money with the bookie. But with all this hype, what exactly does this bookie bring to the table. A review of this bookie was an eventuality so find out more as I review the different aspects involved in using this bookie.


How to get the Android app to your phone

Android’s popularity is something that cannot be understated. For a bookie priding itself in ease of access, the app was something that had to be developed seeing as most people in the modern world can at least access a smart cellular device. Unfortunately for the bookie, however, apps providing gambling services or access to games of chance are strictly prohibited from the official store. This is however not the only means of carrying out an installation.

More experienced Android users are all familiar with installing applications using an installation package. Should this be completely new to you, fear not, as I will provide you with all the instructions necessary to accomplish this. The installer can be found very easily in the bookie’s downloads section.

The first step will need you to have an offline copy of the package so download the file. Any security warning that pops up needs to be ignored since you know the origins of the file. Once done, opening the file will take you to the security settings you need to change for it to run. Seeing as the file can alter the configuration of your device, this is necessary for security purposes. After that, the installation proceeds and within a few moments, you have the official 1xbet app on your android device.


How to install the iOS version to your Apple device

Apple is an entirely different case. Compared to Google, Apple prioritizes the security of their ecosystem. They have a very strict development policy, so unlike its counterpart, you can get it in their official store. However, this also means that any app not found within the confines of its official store cannot be installed on an Apple device.

All we need to do therefore is run a quick search of the marketplace from their app store. Once you have launched their store app, you first need to search for the keywords, 1xbet. Several results will be populated on your screen and you should be careful to identify the correct one. Clicking the install button will be the last process as the store app will handle staging the app on your phone.

After a successful install, the app can be launched and if your device is not updated to at least iOS 8.1, it won’t run as designed and some features will have some lag. The apps are completely similar and you won’t get any advantage using one platform over the other.


How to join the bookie

Frustrating is what you’d call a lengthy registration process with too many steps and 1xbet is far from it. Joining this bookie is relatively easy and all you need to provide some personal information to identify you as the owner of the account. On the first launch, the Join button is conveniently located below the Log In button and to the right of their web platforms. I was taken to a different screen where I was required to provide some personal information.

Once this was done, I submitted the information and was taken to another screen where I was required to verify the contact information provided. Seeing as this will be the primary means of restoring access to your account should you be locked out, the information needs to be confirmed first for both your sakes, the punters and the bookie. After verifying the contact information, I was taken to another screen where all I had left to do was fund my account to continue playing.


Promotional codes and how they are used

I have to admit, the convenience of promotional codes sometimes makes gambling so much fun. Promotional codes on 1xbet do not fail to meet expectations. With these codes, you are eligible for a free stake on the bookie’s platform. The codes are awarded if you have been on a losing streak or your birthday. Other special occasions also result in a free bet from a promo code. Using promotional codes is simple enough. A valid bet slip is the first requirement.

With that, all you need is to fill in the promotional code in the blank text box provided. Once you fill in the promotional code, the slip will be placed as a bet and lucky for everyone involved, the promotional code does not restrict you to an accumulator bet. You can place a single event bet using the promotional code. Winnings made using the promotional code are available for withdrawal immediately after the bets are settled and you need not roll over your winnings like the registration bonus.


How to get a registration bonus

One thing this bookie is known for is its incredible registration bonus. When you sign up whatever amount you deposit is automatically awarded to your account. After creating my account, the next logical step was putting money into my wallet. With the multitude of payment methods available, this was done in a jiffy. After successfully depositing, the first amount was awarded to me in a separate wallet to be used as a wager.

The bonus amount is 100% of your first transaction but caps off at 150$, the local conversion rate given. This amount comes with specific terms and conditions and you need to roll it over at least 3x before the amount is transferred to your main wallet. I was quick enough to deposit after registering but be warned, the bonus is only valid for deposits made within the first 72hr of registration. Thereafter, the bonus amount will be void after 30 days. This means the amount still in the bonus wallet will be null. It also comes as a great surprise to find that the bonus amount is also credited to the 1xgames section. This is the casino and online games portion of this bookie.


Offers and promotions for new users

This bookie, they are known for its crazy promotions and offer amounts. Generally speaking, this bookie is almost unmatched in the maximum win amount and as such, you might be wondering what other special offers they have in store for this customer. Apart from their incredible registration bonus, the user also gets a bonus for the online games section of this bookie.

Their amazing odds couldn’t get any better and you also get free bets in form of promotional codes for customers on a losing streak. VIPs get very special treatment in casino games. Free turns, as well as cashbacks, are just how things operate in that area.

Payment options available to all platforms

When it comes to 1xbet, experience has made it a necessity to incorporate several transaction channels in their platforms. Baring in mind that punters need to be able to move their cash rather quickly, the bookie has several payment methods well integrated into their platform to facilitate this.

With a lot of local Zambia customers as well as several international customers who might find themselves within their borders, some of the payment methods integrated include Neteller, Skrill, Epay and B-pay.

Other solutions such as Airtel money and Jeton wallet are also available to their reputable customers. This bookie also does us one solid by covering the cost of transacting on this platform.

This means you get your winnings as is and you need not worry about a hefty deposit or withdrawal charges. This bookie also offers the possibility of withdrawing funds to crypto-currency wallets and making payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular crypto-currencies the world over. This is convenient, to say the least.


Odds and betting with this bookie

When it comes to a bookie, I have to review their actual odds as well as the overall experience wagering on their platform. A quick look at their markets and I found out their odds are slightly higher than the industry average and are almost unmatched by their competition.

The games are organized in a very structured format and locating games by leagues is quite easy. At some point, I had no idea which league an event belonged to so I found the search functionality quite handy. Another thing to note with this bookie is that the mobile versions and apps are quite a user friendly. Navigation wasn’t challenging and everything is organized into sections.

The website is another thing altogether. The main website is built for the experienced bookie. It may seem a bit overwhelming to new users but after using it for a while, you find that everything is placed very conveniently on the screen. The casino section of this bookie is also known for its wonderful offers and promotions. Looking at it, I found the usual assortment of games and some wonderful additions were also included.

This bookie also offers great promotions to its VIP members as they enjoy several advantages such as a great cashback on losing bets in the 1xGames section of this bookie.


Contacting customer support

When it comes to reaching support, nothing could be more time crucial and the punters are bound to be banging their heads in frustration should they be unable to use the platform. 1xbet is a great example of a bookie who goes to great lengths to make themselves as convenient as possible to use.

On the first launch, the first thing that I noticed was a live chat feature and no, it’s not to talk to other punters. This message board puts you in touch with customer support within the application itself. A quick message and you can have any issue with the platform quickly resolved. Apart from that, a hotline is also available for their customer’s use. This can be costly, however, as this is not toll-free.

Another alternative means of communicating with customer support is to use WhatsApp or Telegram. Of course, the traditional e-mail route is also available for your use. I found the representatives polite and respectful. All of my issues were resolved quickly and I got back to enjoying the 1xbet experience.

Main facts on bookmaker

1xbet is a very large and popular gaming brand. With its roots in Russia, the firm moved its operations to the country of Cyprus to better serve their international audience. With an international customer base, the firm is subject to dual oversight in the countries they operate in and are licensed.

1xbet is a large sponsor of sporting activities in the sector. A marketing stunt, the firm has seen the establishment of several sponsorship deals with clubs and leagues. This has inadvertently made it a major sporting partner the world over. They have partnerships with the local leagues to promote sports development as a whole.

1xbet is fully licensed and operates in the Zambian country. With repeals to its formerly restrictive gambling laws, international gaming brands such as 1xbet have set up shop in the nation. They are available via their digital platforms as well as in their physical stores where you can place bets and collect your winnings in person.

1xbet is a one-stop-shop where you can find sports betting as well as casino services. With the popularity of sports betting in the country, it comes as no surprise that this is their main earner but the casino is not so far behind. The 1xbet casino section, aptly named 1xgames, provides online games and casinos for punters in Zambia.