1xBet Zambia

Which player doesn’t know about 1xBet? This is one of the most popularly known wagering companies that offers numerous games to wager on. With no say, 1xBet Zambia is specifically for the Zambians because the bookmaker runs specific accounts as per the country. For Instance, there is 1xbet Kenya, 1xBet Uganda, and so on. This however was done to single out different regions in order for the company to provide an ample betting ground for people depending on the type of facilities they have such as, money transfer systems, payment methods, and rules to protect wagers. The main reason Zambia is becoming a major hot sport for 1xBet because Zambia is well-known for its huge following of football and it is not only local football but also international football.


How to install the 1xBet Zambia app

The mobile application has now turned out to be the most efficient service provider in different business settings. 1xBet said earlier came to limelight in the African market after they introduced online casinos. An increase in demand led to the company spearheading the need to have a mobile application so that Zambians in remote areas who have mobile phones can wager like any other person without necessarily going to a cybercafé or having a desktop machine.

Ideally, the installation of 1xBet software is made as easy as installing any other software. This software is available for, Android Users, iOS users, and Windows users.

Android Users

Android offers the most popular betting system in this industry. Android users’ installation of the 1xBet app is a walk in the park. However, there were some restrictions made by google in 2018 that restricted wagers from downloading the 1xbet app directly from the play store forcing wagers to download it from the official webpage.

Uncommon to many punters from Zambia, this application is more stable and safer for wagers, making it stand out. With as low as android 5 you can smoothly enjoy the features of this application. The installation process begins with visiting the main 1xBet webpage, navigating to the top right corner where you will be able to see the phone icon. Click and proceed to download the application. Once downloaded you are required to set your device to allow installation of applications not downloaded from the play store.

To do this:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Apps and notifications
  3. Advanced
  4. Special app access
  5. Install Unknown app

Once done tap the downloaded application. The installation process should not take more than 3 minutes.

1xBet App for iOS

Zambian iPhone users have a reason to smile because finally there is an online casino that favors their needs by providing a more stable and advanced wagering application. The application is made available in the iOS app store as well as the website. We however advise our customers to always get the application from the website as there are frequent updates and information provided on the page.

This however doesn’t single out the iOS app store. Unlike Android, the iOS store has not restricted people from downloading the software from their store. Simply go to the search bar and type 1xBet Zambia then click install. You will be good to go.

Zambian 1xBet for Windows Users

Several Zambians prefer using windows devices to wager. Windows is mostly used on laptops and desktops that offer a wider screen making it easy to place on your favorite teams. Zambian betting population has a reason to smile again for 1xbet has Windows application. To get this software in your windows gadget is a short process.

  1. Launch 1xBet on your browser,
  2. At the top right corner, tap the desktop-shaped icon, you will be redirected to the next page where you will see the downloading link together with installation instructions.
  3. Click ‘download’.
  4. Once the .exe file has been downloaded, locate the download in your machine then double click to start the installation process.
  5. Ensure you have closed any other running applications so that you do not need to restart your machine once your installation is done.
  6. To test the tour application, start by registering on 1xBet

How to register on 1xBet Zambia

A good number of Zambia punters prefer registering on 1xBet for it’s a quick and easy registration. Here is how we go about it.

  1. Launch the companies home page
  2. Click the registration button on the top right corner of the page. The button is green in color.
  3. Registration form will then appear with three methods of registration, that is; use of phone number, email, social networks, and, messaging.
  4. All these methods are functional and easy to use but most preferably we advise using the phone number registration because it is easy and accessible at any time even in places you might not be able to access your email or social networks.
  5. Fill the form by starting with +260 then followed with your phone number. A code will be sent to your device. Add the code in the form.
  6. Select your proffered currency
  7. Add a promo code if you have any available the hit register. You will be successfully registered.

The registration process is free! You don’t need to spend to be registered in 1xBet. Having said that, we advise punters to always check for available welcome bonuses and promotions to be able to make maximum profit on their first wager setting up the pace.

How to use promo codes on 1xBet Zambia

This code has great importance for newbies. All Zambian players registering for the first time have a chance to get a 100% bonus; on any amount they make as their first deposit. This goes without saying, the use of promo code is a kickstart key feature that should be utilized by new wagers. Unlike other bookmakers, 1xBet protects facilitates welcome bonuses to allow new players to make a fortune in the process of getting familiar with the bookmaker.

  1. Promo codes in 1xBet are only available for those registering for the first time.
  2. To be able to use the available promo code, you need to copy and activate it from the website. This will however depend on the amount deposited.
  3. Bonuses give you up to a maximum of 130% promotion of the deposited amount.

Promo codes expire with time so you need to keep yourself updated on the latest promo codes available in the market. Currently, you can use the available 1xBet promo in the registration menu though you need to provide your personal information such as name country code, email, and other relevant registration information. You will not only get the welcome bonus, but also the bonus for free bets.


How to get the 1xBet Zambia registration bonus

There are several numerous bonuses and promos available for punters in Zambia using the 1xBet. Starting with the normal welcome bonus, to those who made big losses in a given period of time to those who wage on certain days are just but a number of many bonuses available for Zambians. Check on the website frequently to be aware of all the available promotions. Bonuses act like fuel; they keep your account active even in events where your stake has gone low or you completely don’t have a stake to deposit.

The first bonus for Zambians is separated into two bets. The first half must be used in the first five bets made where each bet must have at least 3 events and the cumulative odds for each event should not be less than 1.4. The remaining bonus is used after wagering 30 times on this bookmaker.

Other bonuses include:

  1. Friday Deposits
  2. Taking part in Lucky Friday
  3. Odd boost
  4. Bet insurance
  5. Protection from continuous losses

1xBet Zambia Payments

The flexibility of payments for any bookmaker is key. Zambians now can enjoy depositing their money at lower interest with the most common method of payments. The process of Depositing and withdrawing cash is done in simple and safer steps making it easy for a layman to use.

We however advise people to use electronic transfer. Once the money is deposited on the account the transactions happen instantly. The withdrawal process electronically is instant too making it convenient for wagers. It can be done anywhere in Zambia as long as the internet connection is available. Other methods include the use of bank cards though they return very low interest.

As an investor, it is always advisable to choose a company that will offer you the most professional service. You can easily find this information on the internet by reading through reviews and blogs of preexisting customers. Additionally, payment methods are not the only factors to consider. Another factor you should do a great

Research on is the ability of the company to process payments. Companies with bad reputations are a liability to your investment. For the sake of 1x Bet Zambia, the company pays in time making it efficient for anyone who wants to start investing in betting in Zambia.

1xBet Zambia Odds and Bets

1xBet Zambia has numerous betting markets and different games to wager on. Football games have more than 200 championships making it a very competitive platform for both upcoming and veteran punters. Wagers always enjoy staking on their favorite teams. The knowledge and know-how is gained over time, after extensive research on those teams and matches.

Compared to other betting sites, the assorted varieties and games available at 1xbet Zambia allow punters to make a fortune. Wagering is timeless since you can log in any time and still have a chance to place on your favorite sport. Some of the common markets available are;

  1. 1×2
  2. Halftime/Fulltime
  3. Over/under
  4. Double chance and many more


Withdrawing your money from this bookmaker is as easy as ABC using the following steps:

  • Log into your account and select “player profile.”
  • Click on the down arrow at the top of the screen and pick the withdrawal option.
  • Go to the withdrawal page where you are directed and choose the amount you wish to withdraw.
  • Finish by clicking “withdraw” to finish the transaction.

It is important to note that the minimum withdrawal amount is 10 kwacha with no fees.

If users want to check their account balance, they must send a text balance to the SMS shortcode 90170 using your registered number. This helpline also applies when a player has forgotten their password. A text reading FORGOT should be sent to the same number.

5 Facts about 1xBet Zambia Bookmaker

  1. This is the fast-growing bookmaker in Zambia, with more sports to wager on which means, more games, bigger odds, and more chances to make big fortunes.
  2. Payment methods are in plenty making it favorable for anyone to wager on. In fact, 1xBet has the best online payment system that reflects deposits and withdrawals instantly.
  3. The company offers numerous betting options giving punters a huge variety of chances to place on. For instance, basketball has over 50 types of bets that you can wager on such as top scorer, points per game quarter and many more betting options.
  4. The website for this bookmaker has the best graphical features and color distribution. The security of operations is also top-notch. Withdrawing and depositing cash is done under encrypted supervision by powerful systems to ensure that wagers’ cash doesn’t fall under bad hands.
  5. Data consumption while using the app is convenient. In places of low internet connection, stress no more you can still wager on your favorite sport. Live streaming has also been made be easy due to the low amounts of data consumption.

1xBet Zambia contacts

On the official website and mobile application, there are contacts available. To locate contacts on the 1xBet website, find the more button located at the top right corner, click and you will be able to find contacts and other social media platforms that will enable you to easily access the customer services.

The most recommended, fast, and easy way is to use the live chat button located at the bottom corner of the website. Upon clicking it, you will be able to get instant replies from 1xBet offices.

Customer services at 1xBet are the best compared to any other wagering company in Zambia. They offer a 24/7 support system. Whether it is on the weekend or on normal days, help is always available.



This Russian-founded bookmaker went viral on the African market in 2012. Initially, it was fully operating in Russia, parts of Asia, and other European Nations. In 2012 they decided to introduce online betting which was fully welcomed by punters across Africa and other parts of the world. In Zambia, this bookmaker has been able to grow through the markets rapidly due to its functionalities. These facilities include a wide range of payment methods, extensive sports to bet on, a well-established online customer service that is ready to solve problems facing the bookmaker users.